Angular Chelitis/Cheilitis Relief!

Angular Cheilitis, also known as Perleche or Stomitis is an infection that is typically characterized by lesions at the corners of the mouth. Angular Cheilitis is essentially a fungal infection that lives on the skin and often flairs up during a cold snap.

The reason for this is telling, it seems the germs responsible for the growth of the fungal bacteria live on the lips on a permanent basis. It was this understanding that led to the solution to Angular Cheilitis that we offer now.

Many associate Angular Cheilitis with the flu or a flu like symptom however this is incorrect. The reason Angular Cheilitis is perceived as a flu like symptom is because of it's propensity to flair up during winter or a cold snap. However, what is actually happening, is during a cold snap, we may forget to throw on an extra blanket on the bed. This means we may sleep through the night with our body at a colder temperature. This tends to suppress the immune system or "overload" it. Once the immune system is weakened, the bacteria that were being constantly held at bay, by the immune system, now get a chance to flair and this is what creates the familiar lesionss in the corners of the mouth.

Many people with dentures develop Angular Cheilitis because the angular alignment of the false teeth may be ill fitting. This leads to the mouth closing further than it should, creating small folds of skin in the corners of the mouth. Typically these pockets of skin are damp with saliva which becomes the perfect environment for incubating fungal bacteria.

You may also develop Angular Cheilitis if you have had a sudden weight gain. The extra fat around your face may create that same skin fold environment.

"Just follow the simple steps and you will be rid of the infection in a few hours from now"

This treatment is all natural. No chemicals, no substances. It takes 3 minutes and you can repeat it as many times as you wish with no side effects. It costs nothing. You will have these household products laying around your home. You don't have to buy anything to perform this treatment.

This will work for the elderly, for adults or for young people. It works even if your Angular Cheilitis is caused by mis-aligned teeth. You may need to get the teeth taken care of by a dentist, but in the mean time there is no reason at all why you should suffer the symptoms of red, inflamed lips and ulcers in the corners of the mouth.

Kissing Someone

Angular Cheilitis is not contagious. You are free to kiss anybody that will let you and there is no concern about spreading the condition...however....finding someone that will happily let you kiss them may be another story.

With lips that look red and inflamed and crusty, It's likely you may have not kissed anybody since the condition first afflicted you. Even if it comes and goes intermittently, you don't want people checking your lips before they will kiss you back!

Affection is one of the things we lose during an Angular Cheilitis attack. Cure yours permanently right now!

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Angular Cheilitis Cure!

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